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Josie Honerford, 54, Kent

‘When I first began experiencing menopause symptoms I was 46 and I couldn’t believe the severity of the hot flushes and night sweats.

I just couldn’t sleep; I’d get comfortable and then suddenly be unbearably hot. This would happen all night and I’d hardly get any rest. I found I was tired and irritable during the day and suffered mood swings.

At first I put up with it, as it is after all a fact of life. Then I tried Kira Menopause relief.

Within a few weeks of taking Kira Menopause relief, my night sweats had started to decrease. They didn’t happen as often and were definitely less disruptive.’

This is Josie’s personal experience. The benefits of this product have not been scientifically proven.

Helen Green, 53, Watford

‘I'd just turned 50, when my periods began stopping and starting. I knew the change had come and I felt worried.

Normally I'm the kind of person who can deal with anything, but this was different. I didn't feel like the real me. I suffered mood swings and would explode at my husband over the most trivial things. Every little thing felt like the last straw. I didn't have a good night’s sleep for months. My sex drive was also non-existent which put a strain on my relationship with my husband.

I now take a Black cohosh product called Kira Menopause relief. My night sweats have lessened and I have begun to sleep more soundly and my moods are a lot more controlled. And what’s more, my sex life is back to normal!

I've also started running because I also discovered what middle-aged spread could be if I wasn't careful. I gain weight much more easily now, so diet and exercise are even more important.’

This is Helen’s personal experience; the benefits of this product have not been scientifically proven.


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