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Check out our diet and fitness tips to help keep you feeling your best and limit any discomfort experienced as a result of PMS or menopause.

Exercise | Pre Menstrual Syndrome

As well as sticking to a healthy diet it is a good idea to exercise regularly, especially if you suffer from stomach cramps as exercise improves circulation which gets oxygen and nutrients to all the body’s cells and can help alleviate any pain. Exercise also causes the brain to release endorphins which are chemicals that improve mood, and can help regulate sleep patterns reducing tiredness during the day. Studies have shown that it is the frequency of exercise rather than intensity that is the key, so aim for 30 minutes five times per week. You don’t have to run marathons, anything that raises you heart rate above its resting rate is beneficial.


Try yoga or pilates to work and stretch the muscles, which could help control cramps. The meditative effect may also relax you.


Swimming is a great form of exercise as it provides a full body cardiovascular workout without placing any strain on the joints. It boosts circulation which helps with cramps and the water often has a relaxing effect.

Power moves

Look for a kickboxing class and sign up for a few sessions. The effort required to make those high fast kicks burns excess energy and helps relieve any anger or frustration. Running can have the same effect, while the sweating involved can help relieve excess water trapped in the body, reducing bloating caused by water retention.