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Check out our diet and fitness tips to help keep you feeling your best and limit any discomfort experienced as a result of PMS or menopause.

Exercise | Menopause

Exercise is key for menopausal women as it may help relieve and reduce the symptoms. Every time you exercise your adrenal glands are stimulated to convert the male hormone androstenedione into oestrogen. Also, at this time of your life, weight can be redistributed to your stomach. Gentle exercises that promote relaxation, mobility and flexibility can often help. Long term weight-bearing exercise also helps maintain bone strength.


Yoga stretches can benefit both the body and mind for menopausal women as it helps stabilise your energy and balance by promoting better blood circulation and oxygenation to all cells and tissues.

Abdominal crunches

During the menopause you’ll not just be storing weight in your middle so normal crunches will need to be accompanied by side crunches (same as a normal crunch but turn your legs completely to the same side and continue as usual), side bends (stand straight with your hands by your sides and bend sideways holding your pelvis firm) and side planks (lifting your body off the ground and balancing on one forearm and the side of your foot) because your oblique muscles are also important as they will combat love handles.

Aerobic exercise

Whether it be walking, cycling, swimming or jogging, regular aerobic exercise should be carried out to combat the effects of a slowing metabolism on weight gain and improve heart health.

Strength training

This helps you lose fat faster because muscle burns fat round the clock. The more muscle you have the better your metabolism. You can undertake strength training by using weight machines at the gym, exercising while wearing ankle or wrist weights, tennis, squash, rowing and even housework and gardening!