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There are many reasons for low mood, but all of them can leave us feeling a bit down in the dumps and not quite ourselves. When we feel a bit low we can get into bad habits or forget to look after ourselves properly.

Kira LowMood relief is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve the symptoms of slightly low mood and mild anxiety based on traditional use only. For further help with low moods, please visit our key survival tips page. 

Kira LowMood relief is a traditional herbal medicine containing St John’s Wort, a herb tried and tested for centuries to help relieve the symptoms of low mood and mild anxiety.  St John's Wort is a herb which grows in North America and Europe and which has been used for centuries for its mood-enhancing properties.

To get the best out of a St John's Wort product, it needs to have been made from the highest quality plants. The ones selected for Kira Low Mood relief are cultivated in the optimum conditions and have to meet strict growing criteria. This high degree of care ensures the berries of the plants are harvested at their absolute peak of ripeness and produce the highest yield of active ingredient.

After gently drying the fruit to preserve this active ingredient, we use state of the art processing methods to extract, purify and measure it. This means you can be confident you will get exactly the same dose every time. Each tablet contains 450mg dry extract St John's Wort aerial parts (hypericum perforatem I.) equivalent to 1350-2700mg of St John's Wort.

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