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One-off or re-occurring dreams can sometimes be confusing or troubling so, for some, it is interesting to understand what your dream means. See below for the meanings of a few elements of dreams:

Dreaming of falling is very common, and contrary to popular belief failure to wake up before hitting the ground does not mean death. The dreams can signify feeling insecure, anxious and out of control, in one or more aspects of life. Falling dreams can also reflect a sense of failure or inferiority.

Dreaming about teeth reflects your anxiety about your appearance and how others perceive you. It could be a fear of ageing, powerlessness or sexual impotence. But don’t worry; caring about your appearance is natural. Also, you could also fear embarrassment in a particular situation. Teeth represent power, as they are used to bite, chew and tear so losing your teeth often represents a fear of losing power or control..

Getting married
Dreaming of getting married signifies commitment, harmony or transitions. It could be that you are going through an important change in your life or the unification of formerly opposite parts of your life. Dreaming about marrying your ex could mean that you have now accepted certain aspects of that relationship and have moved on.

Horses have long been associated with excitement and passion but as they are unpredictable they can also be linked to risk taking. Your dream about horses could have occurred because you have an upcoming event that will test you. Dreaming of a stallion can represent sexuality.

Dreaming of fire could be a warning sign, maybe about a new job or a new relationship. The flames could represent a burning of barriers that are in your way. Also, it could be associated with pent up emotions or not realizing a dangerous situation you could be getting into.

Dreaming of a mirror may reflect the truth about your life and sometimes can be a good way of altering any problems in your life you wish to. It can be associated with how you think you are seen by others in waking life. In your dream, if you look in the mirror and do not see yourself, it could be linked to an identity crisis.