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Check out our diet and fitness tips to help keep you feeling your best and limit any discomfort experienced as a result of PMS or menopause.

We all have times when we feel a bit low, whether it’s a bad day at work, family problems or hormone related. Try these ways of boosting your mood and feeling like yourself again.

Eat healthily
We’re probably all guilty of reaching for the cookies or chocolate when the going gets tough. While it may make you feel better initially, this is unlikely to be a lasting effect. When starch and sugar is consumed it causes a rise in blood sugar. This triggers the brain to release tryptophan, which in turn triggers the release of serotonin, one of our ‘happy hormones’. Sweets and chocolate cause a brief spike in blood sugar, but healthy carbs like fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, beans and tofu keeps the blood sugar steady, leading to a constant release of serotonin.

Turkey, lean red meat, bananas and nuts are all good sources of tryptophan in themselves, so boost your intake to keep moods regulated.

Do things you like
It sounds obvious, but try and factor in some time for yourself every day. This could involve a relaxing bath, a meal with friends, a walk in the park or simply time spent with a good book. Spending a bit of time doing something you like reminds you of reasons to be cheerful and puts stresses and strains into perspective.

Colour therapy
There is some evidence that suggests we respond to different colours in different ways:

Colour Effects
Blue Blue is a cool colour, and has been found to inspire logic and calm. It is soothing and mentally restful, so may help with feelings of stress
Green Being in the middle of the colour spectrum, green represents balance, which is important. Where there is green in the world there is likely to be water, and little chance of famine so it is reassuring on a primitive level
Yellow Yellow lifts our spirits and makes us optimistic. It is also the colour of self esteem and confidence
Red A powerful colour, red can bring on feelings of strength and masculinity, and gives you energy when you’re feeling low