For starters, it’s not gone forever. 

We get it—when you feel tired all the time, suffer from vaginal dryness, and intercourse is painful then the last thing on your mind is the ‘S’ word.

Let’s talk about skin

Thanks to fluctuating oestrogen levels during the peri-menopause and the menopause your skin can change quite dramatically. 

As a result, hormonal acne can you leave you feeling like a teenager again. 

Although, it can feel pretty alarming, try not to worry. There are lots of natural remedies you can try. 

Kids off to university – How do you feel?

With the new academic year nearly upon us, thousands of students are preparing to start university this month. 

Of course, as a parent, you’re no doubt super proud of your child’s achievements, and it’s a very exciting time them, but also a concerning time for all, especially given all the uncertainty surrounding us at the present time.

All of this means HUGE change - right?

Getting old is cool. 

Yes, it is. 

We understand that in this world, it’s easy for women during the menopause to become extra self-critical about their bodies. 

But there’s no point comparing yourself to airbrushed magazine cover girls as they’re just not real.

Do you feel like you’re crying all the time?

Does your brain feel scrambled?

Are your emotions all over the place? 

If you’ve just started the menopause journey, it can feel like you’re going crazy.