Bursting into tears for no reason.

Feeling jumpy and nervous.

Unable to concentrate.

Anxiety can feel truly debilitating.

Winter lockdown is a tough time for mummies.

Coping with being stuck in-doors day-in and day-out with a toddler tangled around your ankles is quite a feat.

With no playdates, no going to the park, no museums, no activity classes, you may be left wondering how to keep them amused.

The countdown to Christmas is on.

The question is, have you got your tree up yet or not?

Or were you an early tree dresser this year?

As you know Christmas prep takes effort and energy.

Will I ever feel normal again after menopause? 

The answer is yes, you will. 

But it will take time.

Caring for an elderly parent or spouse is tough.

Not only physically and financially but watching a loved one decline is emotionally difficult. 

Yet, for many women, caregiving often collides with the menopause—adding extra pressure.