The assumption is when you reach a certain age (ahem you 40’s and 50’s) you feel comfortable in your own skin.

 You know exactly who you are.

So, it can feel immensely unsettling to find yourself suddenly riddled with insecurities and questioning your value.

It’s not all in your head.

Mental health can sneak up on anyone. After all, we’re living in stressful times.

For women, the pressure is really on juggling a range of responsibilities from career, kids to elderly parents (we know the list is way longer).

And yes, the menopause doesn’t make it easy.

Will I ever feel normal again after menopause? 

The answer is yes, you will. 

But it will take time.

Getting old is cool.  

Yes, it is. 

We understand that in this world, it’s easy for women during the menopause to become extra self-critical about their bodies. 

But there’s no point comparing yourself to airbrushed magazine cover girls as they’re just not real.

Do you feel like you’re crying all the time? 

Does your brain feel scrambled?

Are your emotions all over the place? 

If you’ve just started the menopause journey, it can feel like you’re going crazy.