Are your hot flushes worse when you have your period?

If you’ve started your perimenopause, then you can start getting hot flushes, even if you’re still menstruating.

What is a hot flush?

Hands up if you’re worried about your bone health.

Sure, we get it—it’s easy to forget about keeping your bones strong.

The fact is, women have a higher risk of developing bone density loss and bone diseases like osteoporosis, especially post-menopause.

The Menopause And Friendship - A Survival Guide 

Are you finding yourself getting irritated and annoyed at your friends for no reason?

Everything they say, or do, just winds you up.

It can feel really upsetting, especially if this is happening with friends you’ve known for years.

You may be wondering what is going on with me.

But your disconnection from those you love could be due to the menopause. 

And you’re not alone. Research has found that more than 80% of women experience physical or psychological symptoms around menopause, with  Depression and other mood changes, amongst the most frequently reported symptoms.

What’s going on?

You can't blame everything on the menopause.

The trouble is menopausal symptoms can easily hide other health issues.

For instance, heavy tired achy legs—could be your thyroid or low vitamin D levels.

You need to have it checked out.

Night sweats, hot flushes, and mood swings - welcome to the rocky road of the menopause!

Here are some facts:

  • The average age for a woman to go through the menopause in the UK is 51.
  • However, the menopause can begin any time from your mid 40’s onwards.
  • It can be earlier for some women, especially if there are underlying medical conditions.
  • It lasts anything from a few years to longer. 
  • About 60% of women experience a range of symptoms. The major ones include hot flushes, night sweats, difficulty sleeping, reduced libido (sex drive), vaginal dryness, headaches, low mood/anxiety, but not all women will suffer the same symptoms. 

For many, it’s a really personal experience with its own unique range and severity of symptoms.

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