Dating during the menopause—have you tried it?

What was your experience? Good, bad, weird, or simply different? 

Dating on a good day is a daunting experience. Let alone when you’re in the throes of the menopause. 

What Happens When The Menopause And Divorce Collide?

According to a survey conducted by AARP Magazine, more than 60% of divorces are initiated by women during the menopause years.

More to the point, studies show women are more likely to instigate divorce.

Now there’s a heap of reasons why people divorce—infidelity, drifting apart, changing interests or something else. 

At the same time, coping with a divorce when you’re navigating the menopause, throws up a range of unique challenges.

Kids off to university – How do you feel?

With the new academic year nearly upon us, thousands of students are preparing to start university this month. 

Of course, as a parent, you’re no doubt super proud of your child’s achievements, and it’s a very exciting time them, but also a concerning time for all, especially given all the uncertainty surrounding us at the present time.

All of this means HUGE change - right?

What menopausal symptoms do you hate the most? 

Is it the constant tiredness and brain fog?

The annoying forgetfulness or feeling irritable all the time? 

Or do the night sweats and hot flushes drive you insane?

What you put in, is what you get out.

So, when it comes to coping with the menopause eating a healthy and balanced diet can really help.

In fact, certain foods can reduce symptoms, while others increase them