What Your Dr Never Told You About The Menopause  

Even in this age of information, studies show the menopause remains misunderstood by both women and the health practitioners. 

A recent survey found one in three women wait a staggering three years before getting a correct diagnosis for their perimenopausal symptoms.

One reason for this is many menopausal symptoms are easily confused for common illnesses. Also, other myths about the menopause prevail.

Here are four myths about the menopause debunked. 

Struggling to button-up your jeans?

You’re not alone. 

Abdominal weight gain is a common symptom of the menopause. 

But, trying to shift it can feel pretty frustrating.

So, what causes the notorious middle-aged spread? 

There are lots of reasons behind this weight gain—a drop in oestrogen levels, low quality sleep, a slower metabolism, and weaker muscle tone thanks to natural aging.

What can you do about it?

New Year, New You?

What are your resolutions for the coming twelve months?

Get healthier.

Change career.

Climb a mountain.

Going through the menopause is a time in your life where you may find yourself reassessing priorities and needs. 

The menopause is a turbulent time in a woman’s life.

A sudden drop in hormones disrupts both your menstrual cycle and causes a range of symptoms—one being anxiety.

The trouble with anxiety is sit can strike at any time leaving you feeling shaken, breathless and sad.

Here are a few tips to help you manage your anxiety.

For many women night sweats and the menopause go hand in hand. 

Aside from waking up drenched from head-to-toe, night sweats can massively disrupt your sleep leaving you exhausted the following day. 

If night sweats are making your life unbearable, here a few tips to help you cope.