Do you remember the days when falling asleep at night was easy?

Eight hours of sweet undisturbed sleep was normal. 

Now, falling asleep takes ages, night sweats keep you awake, or you wake up at the crack of dawn blurry-eyed and exhausted. 

The reason: hormone fluctuations during the menopause can massively disrupt your sleep patterns. 

But practicing good sleep hygiene can go a long way to improve your sleep.

  • No napping during the day,
  • Limit stimulants like caffeine before bedtime,
  • Exercise more (during the day)
  • Adopt a relaxing bedtime routine (bath + book, no screen)

Also, try taking our Kira Restful sleep. A traditional herbal medicine, made from valerian, a herb used for centuries as a sleep remedy. A perfect addition to your bedtime routine.

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