Menopause and teens—a cruel combination. 

Dealing with a hormonal teenager is alone an emotional rollercoaster. Add the menopause into the mix and you have a potential recipe for disaster.  

But it’s doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom. 

Here a few coping strategies.

  • Communicate—share what you’re going through and make time to listen to your teenager. Be open, honest, and patient. And remember what you are both experiencing isn’t forever.
  • Care for yourself—don’t neglect your own health or needs. Schedule regular me-time where you can reconnect with yourself and relax. 

If you’re struggling with menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, and mood swings try our Kira Menopause Relief. A traditional herbal medicine Made with finest Black cohosh (a remedy used for hundreds of years to relieve menopausal symptoms). Perfect for helping you feel you again.

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