Did you know the menopause can affect your eye health?

Fluctuating hormones can cause changes to your eye shape and impact on your eyesight. Common symptoms during and after the menopause include blurry vision, dry eyes, light sensitivity, scratchy eyes, or even swollen eyelids. 

Tips to keep your eyes healthy during the menopause.

  • Have regular eye check-ups. 
  • Take regular breaks when using a computer screen to rest your eyes.
  • Keep your eyes clean. 

Good quality sleep is also vital to good eye health. However, night sweats, anxiety and insomnia during menopause can leave you tossing and turning all night. 

To help you get shut-eye at night, try our Kira Restful sleep.

Kira Restful sleep contains valerian, a herb that grows in North America and Europe. Valerian has traditionally been used to treat occasional sleep disturbances and mild anxiety for thousands of years—the ancient Greeks and Romans swore by it.

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