What Happens When The Menopause And Divorce Collide?

According to a survey conducted by AARP Magazine, more than 60% of divorces are initiated by women during the menopause years.

More to the point, studies show women are more likely to instigate divorce.

Now there’s a heap of reasons why people divorce—infidelity, drifting apart, changing interests or something else. 

At the same time, coping with a divorce when you’re navigating the menopause, throws up a range of unique challenges.

How the menopause can impact on your marriage

Aside from the commonly discussed symptoms like hot flushes and night sweats, the menopause can also leave you feeling emotional.

One day you feel on top of the world, the next you’re a blubbering mess. Welcome to the menopause.

You can blame the emotional rollercoaster on declining hormones. As oxytocin levels drop (also known at the love hormone), communication can suffer leading to conflict in a marriage.

What’s more, the menopause usually arrives at a period of change in a woman’s life. Children are grown up and moved out. With a shift in responsibilities, many women find they finally have more time available to pursue their interests. And this includes reassessing their relationships.

How to survive divorce during the menopause

Going through a divorce can take its toll on your emotions and health. Add menopausal symptoms into the mix, and it’s no wonder you end up feeling even more stressed.

But each woman is different. For some, symptoms may appear more intensely than for others. So, looking after your health and well-being is vital.

Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Make time for you

Try to do at least one nice thing each day.

For instance, keep a gratefulness journal, meditate, making a cup of tea and sit down to read a book or your favourite magazine, treat yourself to a visit to a beauty salon, cinema, or wander round a gallery. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s about spending quality time with yourself and having fun.  

  1. Call on your tribe

Surround yourself with friends and loved ones. You can’t beat a trusted shoulder to lean on to feel better.  Also being connected to people outside of your marriage will help you feel less alone and realise there is life after divorce – you just need to grab it. Use this opportunity to broaden your circle. Join a local club or online groups where you can meet others in your situation and make new friends.

  1. Practice forgiveness

Make peace with the past—it’s a powerful way to move forward in your life. And it’s not only about forgiving your ex but forgive yourself. Embrace your new singledom by doing something you’ve always dreamed about—this could be going on a holiday, starting a business, or learning a new skill.

  1. Balance your hormones

Include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit into your weekly shop. Oily fish like salmon and mackerel are also great as these are packed full of hormone balancing Omega-3 oils. Cut back on caffeine, sugar, and carbohydrates as these can play havoc with your sleep patterns and energy levels.

If you want to include a supplement into your diet, try our Kira Hormonal Balance. These contain a combination of B vitamins, Vitamin C and Folic acid, which as part of a balanced diet and healthy and active lifestyle can help you maintain a feeling of energy, balance, and mental performance.

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