The assumption is when you reach a certain age (ahem you 40’s and 50’s) you feel comfortable in your own skin.

 You know exactly who you are.

So, it can feel immensely unsettling to find yourself suddenly riddled with insecurities and questioning your value.

This time in a woman's life is full of change and transition—the kids fly the nest, greater responsibilities at work, the natural ageing process….and the menopause.

Of course, menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, weight gain, loss of libido have a huge impact on your confidence.

Taking a supplement can help alleviate some of these symptoms and help you feel your best self again. Our Kira Menopause relief is a traditional herbal product, made with finest Black cohosh (a remedy used for hundreds of years) which has traditionally been used to help relieve these symptoms and which may help you view the menopause as a new stage in your life, not the end of it.

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