Let’s talk about skin

Thanks to fluctuating oestrogen levels during the peri-menopause and the menopause your skin can change quite dramatically. 

As a result, hormonal acne can you leave you feeling like a teenager again. 

Although, it can feel pretty alarming, try not to worry. There are lots of natural remedies you can try. 

These include:

  • Tea tree oil - used in a cleanser or toner or as on oil applied directly onto the skin
  • Green tea – a powerful antioxidant
  • Eat a healthy diet packed with antioxidant rich vegetables and fruit.
  • And don’t forget to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water.

To give your skin an extra boost, try our Kira Hormonal Balance food supplement. It’s packed full with energy-boosting B vitamins and skin-loving vitamin C, great to helping you feel and look great. 

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