The festive season is often considered as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, but for many of us, it can also bring stress and anxiety. Purchasing Christmas gifts, decorating your house, planning food and drink, and finding the perfect Christmas Day outfit are typically on all of our to-do lists. The media can also take its toll on us, with the pressures of creating the picture perfect Christmas: presents underneath the Christmas tree, and the extravagant roast dinner. It can be easy to become overwhelmed by it all!

To avoid a burn-out, say no to festive stress, and follow our top tips below to support your health and wellbeing over the Christmas period.

Tip one – make lists

When we have a lot of planning going on, and a lot of little things to do, it can often become overwhelming. Try making a to-do list and give things numbers in an order of priority. By doing this, your mind should feel clearer and less overwhelmed, whilst also allowing you to measure whether everything on your list is achievable, and what things can be pushed lower down your priorities.

Tip two – speak up

Whether you are finding things too much at home, or in the workplace, try to speak up about any issues or worries. A problem shared is a problem halved! It can often be easy to take on too much, especially at this busy time of year. Talk to your colleagues, family, or close friends – they may be able to support you.

Tip three – take some time to yourself

You don’t have to dedicate whole days of doing things for yourself, as we know life can be busy. Try to take a few hours a week to enjoy some self-care if you can, and focus on the small things which make you happy. Check out our top self-care tips here to get you started.

Tip four – Kira

At Kira, we provide a range of products which are inspired and created for Women – to help you lead a more active, balanced, and productive life.


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Kira Hormonal Balance – a food supplement containing B vitamins, vitamin C and folic acid, which as part of a balanced diet and healthy and active lifestyle may help to maintain a feeling of energy, balance and mental performance.