Menopause and parenting small kids—the struggle is real

Both motherhood and menopause can feel like you’re on a wild rollercoaster ride. 

And, with more women choosing to have kids in their 40’s, the chances of motherhood colliding with menopause is becoming far more common. 

Let’s face it dealing with hot flushes and night sweats on top of changing nappies and sleepless nights sounds like a recipe for disaster. 

Don’t panic. Here a few tips for coping with the two ‘M’s’.

  • By understanding and talking about the changes your body is going through will help you feel less alone. You may find others in your circle are going through something similar.
  • Take time out to look after yourself. Not always easy, we know. But even 10 minutes a day of ‘me-time’ over a few days and weeks can make a whole lot of difference. 
  • Look after your health by eating a balanced diet. Try to sneak in some exercise (even if it’s just some yoga in the living room with the baby crawling between your legs).
  • Use supplements to balance your hormones. Our Kira Hormonal Balance is packed with hormone balancing B vitamins, vitamin C and folic acid, which will boost your flagging energy levels and banish brain fog.

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