There’s nothing pleasant about heart palpitations.

Who wants to feel like their heart is about the burst out of your chest? 

No one.

(Okay, maybe it’s fine if you’re being chased by a very scary tiger).

But otherwise, it’s pretty worrisome.

Especially when heart palpitations strike out of nowhere, like in the middle of the night or after a meal or when you’re standing in the supermarket queue.

Yet, did you know health palpitations are a common symptom of the menopause? 

During the menopause, our oestrogen levels begin to reduce causing lots of mayhem in our bodies, such as heart palpitations.

To help balance your hormones during menopause and alleviate symptoms like heart palpitations, try our Kira Menopause relief. Made with finest Black cohosh - a remedy used for hundreds of years to treat menopause symptoms. 

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