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Why do we need calcium?

Calcium is a mineral our bodies need to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Once a woman reaches menopause (the average age is 51), bone density often declines. That’s why an adequate amount of calcium is especially important during this stage of a woman’s life.

Where is calcium found?

According to the boffins at Harvard Medical School, 99% of calcium in the body is stored in our bones and teeth. The other 1% can be detected in tissues and blood.

How much calcium do we need?

Women aged 50 and over should aim to get 1200 mg of calcium from their diet each day. This equates to the amount of calcium in two to three glasses of milk in addition to a nutritious diet. Calcium supplements which commonly come as liquid or tablet carbonate or citric acid salts can help safeguard dietary intake. Calcium citrate is soluble and can be taken on an empty stomach.

What are the most calcium rich foods?

As well as milk, calcium is found in dark green leafy vegetables like greens, spinach and kale. Other sources include salmon, sardines, legumes and dried beans.

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