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Now I know you’d rather not, but I think we ought to. You see, here’s the conundrum about the menopause.  One of the well known symptoms of menopause is a loss of libido.  It’s quite well catalogued.  But nobody specifies...

This is a tricky one because it differs from person to person. The stated ‘average age’ for a woman in the UK to go through menopause is 51 or 52. But some women can start going through the menopause as early...

I ask  this question because the word ‘relief’ implies some sort of escape from something. And is a term usually applied in the context of a medical complaint ­ IBS relief, stress relief, backache relief and so on. But in ......

 As a younger woman, I think I was prepared for greying hair...

The short answer to this question is yes, most definitely.  (Although most of us are in denial about it.) Who can blame us? After many years of the hustle and bustle of everyday life combined with the highs and lows...

This is an easy one. Yes. Where once I used to spend most of my cosmetics budget on lipsticks and mascara, I am now spending far more time and money on ‘slap’ ­ those mythical wonder creams that are supposed...

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